Family History Preservation

What We Did For Our Family

  • We created a free family website using Google Sites. Note: This site was also created using Google Sites.

  • For only $12 a year we purchased a domain name ( from Google Domains--but this is not a requirement.

  • We scanned family photos and added them to Google Docs to display them on the website.

  • We also linked Albums from Google Photos to display them on the website.

  • We scanned family documents, saved them as PDF files, added them to Google Docs, to display on the website.

  • We scanned existing typed family stories and put them through OCR, to create PDF files and put them in Google Docs to display on the website.

  • We uploaded family videos to YouTube and used the links to display them on the website.

  • We uploaded family audio files in mp3 format to Google Docs to access them on the website.

  • For all of the documents we put on the website, we "shared them" so that other family members could view them and not just the author.

Please Note: We uploaded many of these same items to FamilySearch. But FamilySearch does not currently allow video files and it has a limitation as to document size. FamilySearch Memories supports .jpg, .tif, .bmp, .png, .pdf, .mp3, .m4a, and .wav, up to 15MB.

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For more information on what we have done, contact Diana Rice at

Additional Ways To Preserve Family History

Preserving Family History using the Lehi FamilySearch Center

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